Friday, May 27, 2016

The Problem With Cows

When you think cows there are probably lots of different things you think. For example…. Cows are so cute. Green meadows. Milk. Yummm, hamburgers. But when you think cows do you think pollution??? 

Probably not because cows quite frankly are not that, well, not that scary. And we actually depend a lot on cows. We get meat from them, they give us leather, and most importantly milk!!! But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for the environment. And this type of pollution has a name. It’s called Agricultural Pollution. And cows (but more importantly cow’s poop) play a major role in it. You see cows do this thing called excreting their waste products and when it rains the waste flows with it and drains into lakes, ponds and other bodies of water. 

From Wikipedia

Basically that’s a fancy way of saying when cows use the restroom, the waste flows and goes into a body of water. All that extra nutrients pollutes the water and causes algae blooms that are very toxic and harmful. And it happens a lot, overall the farming business across the world generates over 100 times more manure (cow poop) than human waste. So think about that there are 7 billion people on this planet and sewage and waste water is bad enough, so think about that times 100. That’s how much cows produce. And with more demand for milk, meat and leather it’s only going to get worse. 

Plus with global warming, there will be more and heavier rainfall. And when the cow’s waste pollutes lakes and ponds people won’t have a safe place to fish. About 1 in 7 people rely on the ocean and water to get food, that’s around 1 billion people who could be affected by this.

Not to mention that the waste when it breaks down releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and heats up the planet. An average dairy farm with about 2,500 cows give or take, produces just as much waste as a city with 411,000 people. So next time you're swooning over cows think about this.

Watch this video: The Dangers of Livestock Waste

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Schools Almost Over!!!

I'm going to be a mess when school ends. Seriously!!! I mean I can really like summer vacation but not when your bored!!!! I miss school after about 2 months!!!! Lame right, guess so!!! Lets start the count down!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chimacum Creeks Biological Integrity

Benthic- Macroinvertebrates are a classification of bugs that live in our creek. We collected some, and under a microscope we studied them. We classified witch bug was witch. We were able to tell what bugs. There were pollution tollerant, meaning they didn't mind pollution and would stay if the creek was polluted. Then there was the pollution sensitive bugs, who would leave if the creek was polluted. And we got points for the more pollution sensitive bugs we found. If you had 23 points or more, your creek was potentially excellent water. And our class got 28 points!!!! That means that our creek could be doing well!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Learn About ASB, and Land on my Head

Ok, this is my first year of middle school, and middle school means three new things. Different periods, hallways and ASB.  So when my math teacher announced we could run for ASB I did a mental back flip. Well apparently I was still doing that back flip when three of my friends told me they to we running for Vice President as well. Thats when I did a mental back flip and landed on my head. So, all of my friends (that are not running for Vice President) please vote for me!!!! I will soon make a post on why you should. But for now, that's my pledge!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Operation Trash

Have you ever littered? On accident or on purpose it’s time to start paying it back. Pick up 50-100 pieces of trash!!! It may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. And anyway, I’m sure we could find it!!!  Dare 5-10 friends to take action, and pick up 50-100 pieces of trash. If you see anything like a drug needle, broken glass or any other things that are like that, ask a parent or adult to pick it up, or just leave it. Make sure everything gets into the trash bin or even better recycle. Fill out this google forms sheet with some questions about it Operation Trash: Google Form Sheet!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


   Money. Money unfortunately kind of  defines us. I mean think about it, it decides where we live, what school we go to, and at school you make friends. So ultimately money defines our life. And you might be thinking it wouldn’t effect wealthy people, but I think it would impact them greatly. People might look at them different, expect them to donate ALL of their money to charity. All of this is because of something so simple yet so complex, called money. The reason global warming is happening is because of money. Coal is burned because it is cheaper than solar energy or windmills.If some of the multi-billionaires with all that money chipped in- maybe we could do more research on cheaper and easier ways to make solar affordable to everyone. And all those billionaires and millionaires are already doing a lot of charities. Take Bill Gates for example, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is already is donating a boat load of money to clean drinking water. But the reason they are helping drinking water is because of global warming and water pollution making the water dirty. I’m not saying that it’s only the people with money that can make a change though. We all have the power to do that. If you live in a city, do you really need your own car? Here in Seattle there are buses, metros, light rail, BIKES and many other public or clean transportation. And guess what? They all cost less than driving your own car!!!  You may now also be thinking, how is this our fault? And really it’s not necessarily YOUR fault, it’s OUR fault. If one person didn’t drive or composted all of their compostable food, it really wouldn’t make a difference. But if all of us did that, it would. So how does this relate to money? If we stopped oil company and cars, it would take away jobs, leaving lots of people unemployed, and with no money. But new jobs would open up!!! It would be a problem yes, and I completely understand that but isn’t it worth it? Isn’t our world worth it? So many people have had their houses and jobs destroyed by extreme weather such as, flooding, hurricanes and forest fires. So technically global warming also causes unemployment. So I’m going to ask a simple question.Would you rather be employed and have a steady flow of money now, or watch the world be destroyed???

Monday, April 25, 2016

Invasive Species

The challenge: Create a diverse ultimate invasive species!

   So.... I did the assignment! Why would I be writing it if I wasn't doing the challenge? Whatever!!!

My plant is from another planet. You see it's planet blew up, and it was salvaged and sent in a rocket (kind of like superman, but much better!) It rains once a year on the planet where the species is native. So when it landed in Washington, it ate some strange type of trash that helped it adapt to the constant rain. But back to the it rains once a year on it's native planet, when it rains the plant germinates and releases it's seeds. As we all know it rains A LOT in Washington, resulting in the plant to germinate more often! It absorbs sewage and wastewater, so scientists put it next to polluted waters to clean them up. It can be mover not controlled, the pesticides just make it bigger!!! It is literally a ultimate invader!